The concert at the Cotillion was the best concert I have ever seen. I had los expectations due to how small everything was but in the end i was very impressed. The show started with an unkown band, Flipp, opening wiht a very wild and entertaining set of songs. One of their guitarists wore a jet pack during a solo and sparks shot out both ends then the lead singer played part of AC/DC's Back In Black completely by himself on the drums and guitar. Then the talented Mayfield Four came out and played a few songs. They are a good band and if you like Matchbox 20 then I recommend them. Then the main show began with American Hi-Fi. The guys came out and totally rocked. Everyone was having a great time. I especially enjoyed Hi-Fi killers and Flavor Of The Week. And then finally, what everyone was waiting for, Everclear came out. They played a long set and every one of their songs rocked. A few of the songs they played were Strawberry, Brown-Eyed Girl, Santa Monica, Songs From An American Movie pts 1 & 2, Slide, Wonderful, Am Radio, Loser Makes Good, Everything To Everyone, Buy You A New Life, Sparkle And Fade, When It All Goes Wrong Again, So Much For The Afterglow, Father Of Mine, I Wanna Be A Rock Star, Heroin Girl, and You Make Me Feel Like A Whore. Everyone was crowd surfing at this point and Everclear introduced a convoy of people they brought to play with them, all of whom rocked. All of this lead up to an awesome ending on the encore. In the 2nd to last song Art got at least 25 people on stage to dance while he sang I Wanna Be A Rock Star. The final song, one I did not recognize was sung by Craig. The band got two of the members of Flipp to come up and play with them and Craig was gettign piggy back rides fromt hem and walking out on the crowds hands. He was basically going completely nuts and so were all the fans. I have been to some good concerts in my life, such as Foo Fighters w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers in a large outdoor ampitheater, but even though this one was in a very small building, it still rocked twice as much as all the others combined.