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Fire Maple Song

U Make Me Feel Like A Whore / FULL VIDEO REAL

Heroin Girl

Santa Monica

Heartspark Dollarsign / FULL VIDEO REAL

Everything to Everyone / FULL VIDEO REAL

I Will Buy You a New Life / FULL VIDEO REAL

Father Of Mine / FULL VIDEO REAL

One Hit Wonder Full VIDEO Real

The Boys Are Back In Town [Real]

Everything To Everyone at HFStival 05.16.98

I Will Buy You A New Life at HFStival 05.16.98

Everything To Everyone on Letterman 10.07.97 [Real]

Everything To Everyone at MTV's Sports & Music Festival

11.07.97 Heartspark Dollarsign at Alternative Nation [Real]

Santa Monica at MTV Beach House [Real]

I Will Buy You A New Life on MTV Live 03.10.98

Electra Made Me Blind in Milwaukee

Heartspark Dollarsign

Rock & Roll Jepordy / Part 2 [Real]

MTV Revue / Part2 [Real]

Gap Commercial

Everclear's Anti-drug Announcement

Art talking about SMFTA

MTV News with Everclear about Woodstock [Real]

About Son-Core [Real]

MTV:About Rock&Roll [Real]

Rock Off With Everclear [Real]

About Vidoes [Real]