Name: Randy S.

Location: Richmond, KY

Age: Im 17

Sex: Male

Am I taken: This could be you if you are a girl lol, but no i m not taken, I m single and ready to mingle

What I like to do: I like a lot of things. I like playing bass guitar. Playing music with my band. I like to workout. I love cars, and girls.If you want to know more about me just I M on Aol, Yahoo Messenger, or MSN. *Check below for my screen names.

Favorite kind of music: I like all kinds of music. I listen to music all the time.

Car: Right I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 00. It's bad ass,

This is my car. I know it has nothing on it on that pic, buts its all i got. ill get more pics later. Right now i have the windows tinted and air intake. Thats about it and getting the green underglows. I ll get pics for that here in a few.

Favorite Web Page: Everclear_007 it's the SHIT.

Want to know more about me: Email me, or talk to me online.

here are ways to get a hold of me

Yahoo Messenger: Everclear_007

Aol Instant Messenger: Fun4allhotgirls

MSN Messenger: Fun4allgirls@hotmail.com

Email: Everclear_007@yahoo.com


Pictures for me

Ladies tell me what you think??

These pics are gettin kind of old. (@ the pool, more, me sitting down were from the end of 99 to the summer of 00)

( @ the pool )

( More of me acting kind of dumb)

(me sitting down )

My Basketball picture its not that good lol but none of them are. bball pic

Just a stupid snap shot, My newest pic it was taken in feb ill get more soon!.


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Rate My Pics