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Everclear News:
SONGS FROM AN AMERICAN MOVIE (Everclear's two new albums )

Vol.1 "Learning How To Smile" /Summer, 2000

Vol.2 "Good Time For A Bad Attitude" / Fall, 2000

Want to see The "I am Sci Fi" commercial from the Sci Fi Channel with Everclear. Click her to download

Everclear online news letter check it out!

Everclear review Hrom their concert @ The Bottom of the Hill Francisco. (Sonicnet.com)

See Pictures from the Concert :



The songs they played: (from PM)

El Distorto de Melodica
Electra Made Me Blind
Heroin Girl
Nervous & Weird
Like a California King
Strawberry [acoustic]
Now That's It's Over (This will be on the new album "Learning How to Smile")
Everything to Everyone
I Will Buy You a New Life
Santa Monica

Father of Mine
Local God
Sin City

March 23, House of Blues will have a live broadcast @ 9:00 PM EST. Click here to go there

Everclear on a video game? YES, its true they are in the game called Thief II: The Metal Age. The instrumental song,El Distorto de Melodica, will be in it. You can download it here. Quick Time .mov { Fire Planet }

From Alternative Press Magazine: Art Alexakis Smells Like Home Town Spirit. Check out this!

Spin Mag. has a small article on Everclear in the March, 2000 issue.

Art's acting debut in the movie Committed starring Casey Affleck and Heather Graham comes out April 18, 2000.

Brian Lehfeldt will not be touring with Everclear. Since he had a

baby. ( I don't know for sure)

On Nov 22, Everclear will be at The Opera House in Toronto, ON. They will be will film a concert scene for an upcoming movie called "Loser." The producers are inviting 500 fans to be extras in the film. (CHECK OUT THIS SITE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MOVIE "Loser" JAM! Music article )

Everclear_007 News

More Pics been added... New ones. Like Art @ rock & roll hall of fame, Craig with out his shirt (ladies) and much much more check it out...

New look! Not Done yet though!

NEW BABE OF THE MONTH WEB PAGE ITS CALLED BABE WORLD( All babe of the month stuff is there..)

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